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Dear Mom,

Finding a good way to work at home can be less complicated than you might think.

Any mom who knows the feeling you get when you pick up a screaming, hungry, wet baby and meet her needs, knows what accomplishment feels like. As you put your sweet-smelling, sleeping and content little one down for a nap, you have accomplished your goal...and you knew exactly what it would take to make that happen.

This kind of step-by-step knowledge is all that is necessary when you are searching for a way to earn money at home. Just about everything you want to accomplish in life has been done by successfully by someone else, so all you have to do if find out the formula and follow it.

HomeworkingMom.com is the place where you can find mom success stories and mom-to-mom opportunities you can trust. Whether you want to start a home business or find a work-at-home job, this is where you can take your first step, and the next, and the next.

Remember this: Everything you read here can be trusted, and we take that pledge very seriously.

Georganne Fiumara,
Founder, Mothers' Home Business Network
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The hardest part about becoming a homeworking mom is knowing how to begin. HomeWorkingMom.com will help you by providing valuable, inside information and lots of ideas to get you started and help you succeed. Whether you are just thinking about ways to work at home or you are fully committed to the idea, we have a way to help. This site and all of our publications are clearly written with easy-to-follow suggestions that reflect the solid experience of mothers who already work at home.

Should You Work At Home?

If you are looking for a way to balance work and family responsibilities, a career at home could be your answer. When a mother works at home, she can say goodbye to her boss, long hours of commuting and the guilt she feels when she can't spend enough treasured moments with her children - without sacrificing needed income.

About HomeWorkingMom.com

Mothers' Home Business Network is the first and largest national organization providing ideas, inspiration and support for mothers who choose to work at home. We have been helping mothers become homeworking mothers since 1984. We are proud to introduce homeworkingmom.com, the new online service of Mothers' Home Business Network.

Where would you like to go?

By Wendy Real

My search for a stay-at-home, work-from-home opportunity began with the birth of my son, two and a half years ago. He was injured at birth and required almost daily medical attention that neither my husband nor I could give him while we worked.

There were obstacles. I knew I needed to do something on the side. So, desperate to be home and make money, I fell into that trap of scams. I paid hundreds of dollars to become a medical biller. What a joke that was. I tried several home party companies where I could be "my own boss" and while this works so well for so many people I know.. it didn't work well for me. I lost money.

I tried secret shopping. I searched for companies on the Internet and signed up with several of them. I did one gas station shop. That was over a period of two years.

I took a part-time morning job.

Fast forward: My son, husband and my 2-month-old baby were napping. I was checking my e-mail and reading some of the "mommy" e-newsletters whose information I've come to trust.

There it was again.. MONEYANDSHOPPING.COM..MONEYANDSHOPPING.COM.. tips from Angela, of MoneyandShopping.com.

So, I checked it out. Then, I signed up. An hour later Angela e-mailed me and asked if I could do an apartment shop. It paid $25. Just about what I paid for my membership! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! A couple days later, she called me! I couldn't believe it! She gave me the name and number to call for the company she did her first secret shopping assignment for.. the banks!

I was paid over two hundred dollars a week after the shops were complete. And it doesn't stop there. Angela gave us a Holiday Inn Express Shop - a free overnight stay +$10 - It was like a vacation for my husband and I! We had a baby three months before and hadn't been on a "date" in months.

As a mom who searched and searched for legit things to do... I can't tell you how many times I've said thanks in my prayers for being led to MoneyandShopping.com. The money I've made has really helped get us through this time. And...he's shopping with me and loves it!

You just can't get the personal attention Angela gives you anywhere. Or the training. Or the wealth of information offered on MoneyandShopping.com. Angela really cares about her members. It really shows!

So, what a fabulous time! Leads in my inbox... a job I can do working from home.. jobs I can do outside of my home.. and... I'm never alone. I can always call or e-mail Angela for help.

And now, Angela has started a brand new site, MoneyandSurveys.com. MoneyandShopping.com is awesome - and MoneyandSurveys.com is the best place to find money-making opportunities to do at home between secret shopping assignments. I am making money every free moment and loving it. You can too.

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If you are looking for a way to earn homebased income, MoneyandSurveys.com will give you so many new ideas. You will learn how to get paid to take part in research studies, opinion surveys, clinical research, focus groups, merchandise give-aways and much more.

This site is different because every listing has been researched and verified for you. The direct links will help you get started today.

After reviewing this site, HomeWorkingMom.com is happy to give MoneyandSurveys.com our enthusiastic approval and recommendation.

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